Midwest Community Residential Services


Jason Bolstad, Director of Residential Services

Jason Bolstad, Director of Residential Services

Education: Bachelor's Degree of Science in Nursing from North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND with a minor in psychology.

Experience: I have worked in the medical field for the past 15 years. During this time I have been employed with Midwest Community Residential Services Inc. for the last 10 years as a senior program coordinator and medical case manager working with clients in Corporate Foster Care, SIHLS, ILS, IHS, Respite, & PCA service programs. I am very focused, motivated, and detail oriented when it comes to the clients that we serve and I strive to focus on a holistic perspective in patient care by working to stabilize their mental, physical, spiritual, and psychosocial needs in order to help develop a clients weaknesses into their strengths. Every client has a different personality and story to tell. I strive to help them be as independent as they can possibly be and treat them with the utmost dignity and respect, just like I would want to be treated. The trust and report we develop with our clients comes from the time we put into their lives being an active listener when they have problems and need someone to talk to, giving them advice or ways they can better handle a situation when the need arises, being a fearless advocate when necessary, and being able to step back and let them grow as a person, even if it means allowing them to struggle a few times before the lesson is learned, knowing the whole time that they are safe and you are going to be there for them whenever times get tough. I don't look at my clients as a job, but a means to learn and grow as a person every day and I am privileged to be a part of their lives and treat them like an extended part of my family so that each client feels special and not like they are just another number. To all of the guardians, agencies, advocates, county workers, administrative piers, and clients that I work with each day, you are all tremendously talented, devoted, and compassionate individuals.

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, weightlifting, golfing, basketball, bison football games, softball, casino trips, and spending time with my beautiful wife and puppy “Princess”.

What do you enjoy most about your job: I look at the big picture and like to remind consumers where they were when they first started services and how far they have come to get to where they are currently at. I love seeing the smile on there face and the sense of accomplishment they feel when they are doing exceptionally well in their programming. The coordinators I work with are very bright, dedicated, and hard working individuals who are a great resource to have whenever I need a helping hand.

Family: I am married to my wife Nicole along with my mother and father, several cousins, nieces, nephews, and my aunt and uncle who all mostly reside in Fargo.